• photo of The Athenaeum at Caltech
    The Athenaeum at Caltech

The Athenaeum

Associates are eligible to become members of the Athenaeum, Caltech's private faculty club.

The Athenaeum has great historic value to the Associates. It was built with funds donated by Allan and Janet Balch, founding members of the Associates, and was conceived as a gathering place, a hearthstone, for the Associates, the faculty, and other members of the Caltech community.

Since the first formal dinner in January 1931—held to honor visiting professor Albert Einstein—the Athenaeum has been the scene of countless memorable events. On occasions both formal and informal, it has welcomed the spirited intellectual community of which the Associates are such important partners.

Growing only more beautiful with time and loving restoration, the Athenaeum continues to be the gracious icon of this enduring partnership.

As a member of the Athenaeum, you can also access admission to other private reciprocal clubs around the globe. All that is needed is a letter of introduction from The Athenaeum to the reciprocal club stating that The Athenaeum member is a member in good standing. See the full list of reciprocal clubs.