• photo of people touring the New York Hall of Science
    Associates East Coast Chaper members at a private tour of the New York Hall of Science

East Coast Chapter

The East Coast chapter is made up of members located in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Boston, Washington D.C., Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Both alumni and non-alumni converge for three main events a year, hosted mainly in New York City. This chapter was formed to offer our members' opportunities to build professional and personal networks outside of the local chapter and remain informed and connected with the latest innovation and discovery taking place at Caltech. 

Upcoming Events

If you are interested in learning more about the East Coast chapter and upcoming programs, please contact the Caltech Associates staff at 626.395.6392 or caltechassociates@caltech.edu.

Past Events

  • Private workshops and tour of the Connected Worlds exhibition at the New York Hall of Science
  • Dinner and program with Nobel Laureate, Dr. David Baltimore, on "Using Viruses to Fight Viruses"
  • Chef demonstrations and dinner at the International Culinary Center with Caltech distinguished alumnus and author, Harold McGee, on "The Art and Science of Cuisine."
  • Dinner and program with Professor of computation and neural systems, Dr. Thanos Siapas, on "Exploring the Memory-making Circuits of the Brain."
  • Tour of Google New York and program with Professor of Aeronautics and Bioinspired Engineering, Mory Gharib, and Professor of Geology, John M. Eiler.

East Coast Committee

Phil and Ellen Neches, Committee Co-Chairs
Shiyan Cao
Tracy Fu
Dylan Hixon
Christine Holo
Rob Holo
Thomas Luke
Clara Miller
Jacqueline Morphet
Tommy Morphet
Zach Rivkin
Kay Sugahara
Bert Wells