• Caltech Associates 2016 SURF Students: Gillian Kopp (BS '18), Anand Poozhikunnel (BS '17), Clare Hao (BS '19) (Top row, from left to right), Kisha Thayapran (BS '18), Sheila Murthy (BS '17), and Chris Lamartina (BS '19) (Bottom row, from left to right)

Meet Six Inspiring Caltech Associates SURF Students

Say hello to six bright, hardworking future world changers—this year's group of Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) scholars funded by the Associates. Over the next three newsletter issues, we will introduce you to these students and share a little about their journey to Caltech and the focus of their summer research projects.

Over the summer, these six SURFers are working in a vastly different fields—ranging from improving detectors for the Large Hadron Collider at CERN to gauging political trends through social media. Over a ten-week period, each will gain firsthand exposure to the process of conducting high-level research under the guidance of mentors working at the frontiers of their fields.

With their love of science and their Caltech education to nurture and guide them, these brilliant young individuals will no doubt build on this real-world experience to achieve great things. We invite you to meet two of these Associates SURFers: Gillian Kopp (BS '18) and Anand Poozhikunnel (BS '17).

We look forward to introducing the other four SURFers, Chris Lamartina (BS '19), Clare Hao (BS '19), Sheila Murthy (BS '17), and Kisha Thayapran (BS '18) in our upcoming newsletters.