• New members of the Caltech Associates Board
    (Top, from left) Erich Kreidler, Evangelos Simoudis (BS '83), and (bottom) Joseph Yang (BS '86, MS '87, PhD '91)

Three Members Elected to the Caltech Associates Board

United in their passion for science and innovation, three new Caltech Associates members have joined the 23-member board.
Erich Kreidler, Evangelos Simoudis (BS '83), and Joseph Yang (BS '86, MS '87, PhD '91) will work hand-in-hand with Associates board members and staff to grow membership, develop new programming, and help fulfill the group's mission of supporting world-changing science at Caltech.
Erich Kreidler is a managing partner at KRE Consulting, a Pasadena-based firm that helps businesses in the utilities and energy industry. Driven to serve his community, Kreidler is a part-time lecturer of industrial and systems engineering at USC and has worked with Caltech computer science students as they prepare for job interviews in the tech industry. Kreidler and his wife, Jaya Marancenbaum, live in Costa Mesa.
When asked what he enjoys most about being a part of the Associates, Kreidler responded: "The community within the Caltech Associates has some of the most amazing, intellectually stimulating people on the planet (in my mind, that by itself would be a deal maker). Even more importantly, what makes this group really special for me is that despite their credentials, everybody is humble, approachable, genuine, and a pleasure to interact with—they are exemplary human beings."
Evangelos Simoudis is the founder and managing director of Synapse Partners, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm that invests in startups, especially those that are harnessing advancements in artificial intelligence and big data. Dr. Simoudis has a longtime connection to Caltech. He earned his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering in 1983, has served on the Information Science and Technology Advisory Council since 2013, and has been a member of the Associates for 17 years. Simoudis and his wife, Kathleen Simoudis, live in Menlo Park.
Belonging to the Associates suits the couple's approach to philanthropy, and helps fulfill their interest in staying connected to Caltech. In an interview with the Associates, Evangelos Simoudis said: "We are both great believers in the value of combining disciplines in order to address the grand challenges of our time." As such, Evangelos and Kathleen Simoudis established a discovery fund for Caltech's Center for Autonomous Systems and Technology (CAST) so that Caltech engineers, computer scientists, and geobiologists can easily collaborate and pursue their best ideas.
Joseph Yang is a partner at PatentEsque Law Group, LLP in Menlo Park, where he specializes in negotiating complex technology and intellectual property deals. Recognized as a leading authority in intellectual property law, Dr. Yang is also a lecturer at Stanford Law School. He lives in Los Altos Hills with his wife, Roxana Yang, who is also a partner at PatentEsque.
Reflecting on his and his wife's years of involvement with the Associates, Dr. Yang said: "Roxana and I especially enjoy the fellowship of our fellow Associates, who have become wonderful personal friends, as well as being preeminent professionals in their fields. We also enjoy the special access that Associates have into groundbreaking Caltech research that will one day touch our lives, including the areas of medical technology, space exploration, and more."