Our travel programs provide an opportunity for Associates members to foster relationships with Caltech's faculty as well as with like-minded individuals (alumni and friends of the Institute) who are interested in learning about the world.

Programs range in length depending on the destination. Field trips and one-day outings to various sites, such as Palomar Observatory, the Kerckhoff Marine Laboratory, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, are offered to all Associates. They also receive invitations to participate in short excursions to places such as the Keck Observatory in Hawaii, Death Valley, and Palm Springs.

Members of the President's Circle have the opportunity to participate in International Travel Programs led by Caltech faculty. The President's Circle members have journeyed to all seven continents and have recently been to Antarctica, Ireland, Italy, Hungary, Scotland, and the Dalmatian Coast. These expeditions have integrated Caltech research with the culture and history of each destination.

The Associates have also traveled with their children and grandchildren on trips, such as white-water rafting through the Grand Canyon and an eye-opening journey to the Galapagos Islands. These Family Travel Programs allow families to travel together while they participate in a unique educational adventure.



Family Trip in partnership with the Caltech Alumni Association: Galápagos Islands with Rob Phillips
August 24–September 2, 2018
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