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For nearly 100 years, the Caltech Associates have helped propel Caltech's mission of discovery—while forging lifelong connections with like-minded scholars and friends.

Breakthroughs begin at Caltech because it is a different kind of institution—one where a small community of top scientists, engineers, and students pursue creative ideas wherever they lead.

By joining the Associates, you can take part in the discovery and innovation that will change the world.

From the Associates' Board President

Photo of Tracy Fu

Welcome to the Caltech Associates.
Since 1926, the Associates have been Caltech's largest supporter of unrestricted funds. The flexibility from unrestricted funds is crucial for the Institute to pursue research that can lead to true breakthroughs.

Membership in the Associates gives access to Caltech's faculty, the Athenaeum, and an exciting travel program. Most of all, the Associates is a fun, diverse, and inquisitive group of people who understand the importance of funding critical research. If you are not yet a member, we hope you will consider joining us! –Tracy Fu

Be a Part of Our Legacy

Membership in the Caltech Associates is an entrance into the community of the Institute. You are an investor in discovery simply by joining the Associates. All Associates membership funds are tax-deductible charitable contributions and impact Caltech's top research and educational priorities.

Nearly a century after its founding, the Associates continue to provide the valuable unrestricted support that fuels the early stages of innovative research projects, a hallmark of the Institute. Their continued support allows Caltech to explore new frontiers and to push the boundaries of knowledge.

Join an Inquisitive Community

Membership in the Caltech Associates grants you access to exclusive in-person and virtual events featuring Caltech faculty and alumni presenting their most recent findings. It's also your passport to unique travel opportunities in fascinating destinations with faculty guides.

A Network of Opportunities

In addition to exclusive events and travel invitations, Caltech Associates are afforded access to several other aspects of the Caltech Community.

It's always inspiring to get an insider's look into the groundbreaking, leading edge projects and to hear directly from the researchers with marvelous, lively Q&A sessions. We also love the travel program: Rafting down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon was a trip of a lifetime. My husband Chi-Fu Huang and I feel truly fortunate to be part of the Associates.

Marina Chen (MS ‘80, PhD ‘83)
West Los Angeles
Group photo of Tracy Fu, Adam Weirman, Marina Chen, Chi-Fu Huang
Pictured from left to right: Tracy Fu, Professor Adam Weirman, Marina Chen, Chi-Fu Huang